The geometric configuration and extremely low weight of system favors convenient transportation on diverse terrain. Target is made of aluminum foil and polyester sheets. Target endures several hundred shots. Operational during rain.


Target, used repeatedly on different occasions.
 Around  a hundred shots, 7.62 and 5.56 caliber, hit it.


Weight: 9kg,  Size: 1,50x85x10cm, 
Target area: 85x85cm.

 Weight: 2kg,  Size: 100x42x8cm,  Target area: 42x42cm.


Transmitter and monitor unit are integrated in shock-proof cases. Weight: 8,5kg & 7,5kg
Size: 46x34x17cm & 48x38x18 cm respectively.


No ground construction or other facilities necessary to assist in operate the system. Mount target in rigid position. Connect wire from target to transmitter unit. Keep   the latter out of firing range. Turn antenna vertical. Switch on.


Place monitor unit (laptop) near marksman facing the screen.  Distance between target and monitor up to 2km. Turn on laptop, turn on receiver next to laptop. System is ready.







When turned on, computer loads program automatically. Operational instructions appear on screen.


Complete program is controlled by function keys F1-F12. Select target. Shooting can begin. Characteristic penetrating sound is released by computer when bullet hits target. Consequently marksman turns towards screen observing the position where bullet hit the target thus supporting next aiming attempt. Results presented analytically, score, date etc. All results saved on hard disc for future reference.


Transmitter  unit during charging                         Laptop and receiver during charging

Targeting system is suitable to record shots in interval as well as automatic shooting   rhythm (20 rounds per second). System is suitable for rifle calibers. Accuracy: Average 1cm deviation of bullet position on screen from actual position hit on target. System works on rechargeable batteries. Duration: 6 hours uninterrupted laptop operation on accumulators. Transmission frequency: 450MHz, Power: 2W.